SF Apartment Magazine

The publication reflects the local housing market, with writers and columnists addressing all aspects of the management, ownership and sales of apartment buildings.

SF Apartment Magazine serves as the official publication of the San Francisco Apartment Association. The publication reaches more than 6,000 apartment owners and property managers throughout San Francisco.

San Francisco—a city known for its charm, its people, its weather—and its housing. Epic battles have been waged here over the right to develop, rent and own housing for decades. One magazine, the SF Apartment Magazine, has covered the housing market for almost thirty years, providing readers with the insight and perspectives on the management, sale and operation of apartment buildings in San Francisco.

SF Apartment Magazine prides itself on giving apartment owners the information needed to navigate the legal and political minefields in this tenant-friendly city. The magazine boasts an impressive and varied pool of writers and columnists—from the region’s top landlord/tenant lawyers to real-estate dealmakers to mom-and-pop owners—who educate readers on their rights and responsibilities of owning and managing rental property in San Francisco. The publication delivers in-depth features, colorful columnists and up-to-date sales statistics and trends, all wrapped up in a vibrant and innovative design.

San Francisco Apartment Association

The magazine is delivered to members of the San Francisco Apartment Association, one of the state’s largest trade associations for apartment owners. SFAA opened its doors in 1917 and today nearly 3,000 rental property owners depend on the nonprofit for advice, educational classes and, of course, its award-winning monthly magazine. From their annual trade show to intimate monthly managers’ luncheons, the organization provides its members with the necessary information needed to be thoughtful and well-informed members of the rental housing community.